Connection: “Anorexic” to Life of Pi

Both Eavan Bolan’s poem “Anorexic” and Life of Pi deal with the theme of hunger. While in “Anorexic” Bolan’s narrator’s hunger is self-inflicted, Pi’s hunger is forced upon him. Bolan also repeats the idea of “claustrophobia” in her poem, relating to how an anorexic feels within their own body. One can only imagine that Pi felt much the same way, both because of the hunger and his close proximity to a Bengal tiger on a boat for months.

Both tell themselves “only a little more, only a few more days” (28-29). Pi eventually resigns that death is near, and he exists on the brink of starvation for weeks at a time. Much like an anorexic, despite differing motivations. Pi eventually displays a strong will to live (after resigning to death and surviving a few times). The same cannot be said for anorexics. While they are not hoping for death, they nevertheless unknowingly toe the line.

The great contrast comes with the eating habits involved. Pi vastly expands what he will eat: transforming from a strict vegetarian to sucking the blood out of turtles. Whereas Bolan’s narrator forswears “milk and honey and the taste of lunch” (11-12). Thus both works examine hunger.



One Response to “Connection: “Anorexic” to Life of Pi”

  1. apenglishihhs Says:

    This is an interesting comparison. The ASR is stronger than in your BNW comparison.

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