Connection: “Journey of the Magi” to Brave New World

The “Journey of the Magi” is a Magus’ reflections upon his quest to see the birth of Jesus. His journey though, involves great suffering (because of a cold winter), and eventually it permanently changes him so that he feels an outsider in a place he used to call home. Meanwhile in Huxley’s Brave New World the Savage makes a journey of his own attempting to find acceptance in a land away from the true savages. Yet, when he gets there, he becomes strongly disillusioned with pitfalls of that society (including the woman he loves being a “strumpet”). Thus both the Magus and the Savage must face the pressures and disillusionment which accompany being an outcast. Both in the end, wish for death: with the Magus yearning for the end of his life (for he has already died on the inside), and the Savage eventually hanging himself in his home. In this way, both give alienation a certain inescapable and deeply emotional connotation.



One Response to “Connection: “Journey of the Magi” to Brave New World”

  1. apenglishihhs Says:

    A bit terse, but accurate. Has a bit of the day before school feel to it, but that is understandable.

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