Response to C-Billz’s (Connor Billing’s) “Sailing to Byzantium”

Connor and I interpreted this poem fairly differently. The poem reads to me much like an allegory. I took the figurative interpretation of the allegory as the true meaning of the poem, whereas Connor took it much more literally. While both are correct, I feel like the points raised by the symbolic side of it is much more telling than is the literal interpretation.

While the country the old man leaves at the beginning can be seen as a literal country which he is departing, I feel like it is much more significant to view it as the world as a whole. The old man becomes disillusioned with the world as a whole, and decides to escape earthly passions, seeking instead his own enlightenment. By doing this, the old man is able to establish his own new spiritual world where his soul has attained enlightenment.

Though, both interpretations are fair, which is why poetry an art 🙂



One Response to “Response to C-Billz’s (Connor Billing’s) “Sailing to Byzantium””

  1. apenglishihhs Says:

    I think your final comment is accurate. Both are correct.

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