Response to Ethan Chung’s “My Last Duchess” (Response 8)

I disagree with Ethan’s reading that the Duchess “was extremely promiscuous.” While the Duke seems to suggest that she was flirtatious and quick to blush, I do not believe this extended to actual promiscuity. I interpreted the poem as the Duke being overly conservative, and dissatisfied with his wife overall. Perhaps at the time period in which it occurs, blushing was a much more significant event. Even so, I didn’t see the Duchess as promiscuous as much as dainty. I also had a much more jealous interpretation of the Duke, drawing parallels to Othello.

That being said, I can totally see it your way as well Ethan. I guess it’s just open to each person’s interpretation.



One Response to “Response to Ethan Chung’s “My Last Duchess” (Response 8)”

  1. apenglishihhs Says:

    I tend to agree with you, Barrett. The Duke is a somewhat unreliable narrator, and that is being kind. I will, however, refrain from a feminist tirade against his ilk.

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