“The Lost Land” -Eavan Bolan


In “The Lost Land” Bolan examines the connections between and strong emotions tied to land, children, and love. Bolan begins by claiming that her two daughters “are all I ever wanted from the earth” yet she quickly qualifies that with “or almost all” (2-3). The one thing that fulfilled her was “one piece of ground” as she stated it (4). This one piece of ground represents a place where she is happy, as well as a good place to raise her kids. Thus the land and children are both tied into her and each others happiness.

Bolan goes on to strengthen her ties between love and landscape writing “where love dissembles itself as landscape” (13). She continues to compare hills to “the colors of a child’s eyes” (15). The children themselves “are distances, horizons” (16). The land she’s talking about is actually where her memories are, and how she remembers things. For her, Ireland is inextricably tied to her daughters — images of one conjure memories of the other. This is the conclusion of Bolan’s poem: the three concepts junxtaposed together “Ireland. Absence. Daughter” (35).



One Response to ““The Lost Land” -Eavan Bolan”

  1. apenglishihhs Says:

    Excellent insights into her Irishness…

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